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QOF Award Ceremony 2024

Four Queenslanders received prestigious overseas travel Awards at the Premiers’ Hall, Parliament House in a ceremony held on Friday 22nd of March, 2024.

The Awards were conferred by Governor of Queensland, Her Excellency the Honourable Dr Jeannette Young AC PSM.

Return Awardee Speech

  • Mr Marcello Riotto

This year, the Awards showcased a scholarship recipient who graduated from vocational training, one recipient of a 2024 bursary, one QTA winner and one bursary awardee from 2023.

  • Michael Shin – 2024 Scholarship Awardee.
  • Wayne Costain – 2024 Bursary Awardee.
  • Craig Jones – 2023 QTA Winner.
  • Janice Mengersen – 2023 Bursary Awardee.

2024 Scholarship Awardee Michael Shin completed his Advanced Diploma is Fashion Design at TAFE in 2019 and then pursued a Bachelor in Fashion at QUT, graduating in 2022. Michael has received several awards from his university, secured first place in the CLO3D official competition in 2023 and was selected as one of the 10 graduates in Australia to present his graduate collection at Melbourne’s Fashion Festival Runway.

2024 Bursary Awardee Wayne Costain was the 2023 winner of the Harry Hauenschild apprentice of the year award for Southeast Queensland and was also a state finalist at the QLD training awards. Wayne has been able to forge and foster a passion in the next generation of printing apprentices and is excited to study overseas in America’s foremost leading research and development seminars alongside worldwide industry leaders. By promoting eco-friendly methodologies, Wayne aims to create opportunities onshore, contributing to the broader economic and environmental sustainability goals of Australia.

2023 QTA Awardee Craig Jones has been shoeing horses for over 35 years. He represented Australia at the World Horse Shoeing Championships in Calgary and won Rookie of the year in 2006 and qualified first place in the Mustad Asia Pacific 4-man team for the World Horse Shoeing championships Calgary in 2014. Craig overhauled the traditional Farriery program at the University of Queensland. The program is now fully digitalised containing all the skills and knowledge requirements for today’s modern farrier. In recognition of this innovation and excellence in training, Craig was awarded a University of QLD teaching award in 2022. Craig has also won the QLD VET Teacher/trainer award in 2023.

2023 Bursary Awardee Janice Mengersen is passionate about encouraging the next generation of fashion designers to embrace a sustainable future. Digital design and pattern making has always been a hallmark of TAFE Queensland’s Fashion Department and Janice has worked with CAD systems since her start with TAFE and within the fashion industry. Janice believes the integration of innovation and sustainability is vital for educational excellence. Janice’s focus is to engage with global networking to see first hand the application of CLO 3D pattern making in industry and education to further develop and deliver training in this field.

These Awards are unique in Queensland and they are invaluable to the recipients but also to the communities and education settings they return to.

You can register your interest in applying for the 2025 awards by sending an enquiry email to or applying online at scholarships open in September 2024.


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