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QOF Global Connections Bursary

The QOF Global Connections Bursary aims to assist early and mid career VET trainers and assessors (VET graduates) presently employed in Queensland to undertake short-term training, professional development and knowledge exchange opportunities abroad.

Funding of up to $3,000 is available to support attendance at courses, workshops, conferences, work shadowing and other development activities that will contribute to the work and training outcomes of Queensland VET students and apprentices.

These bursaries will enable more skilled Queenslanders to engage with new technologies, industry practice and ideas from around the world. Bursary recipients are required to share their experiences with the VET industry upon their return to Queensland.



To be eligible for this award you must:

  • You must be a Queensland resident and an Australian citizen;
  • You must be employed in Queensland in the vocational education and training sector e.g. in a registered training organisation, group training organisation, industry skills council or other business entity with a significant focus on vocational and trades training;
  • You must have at least two years’ work experience in the industry;
  • You must have demonstrated support from your employer or industry sector to undertake this international professional development.

Selection Criteria

The QOF will take the following criteria into consideration when reviewing applications:

  1. Evidence of transferable best practice provided by the activity;
  2. Level of contribution to the individual’s employment related skills and/or knowledge and career goals;
  3. Potential contribution to the enhancement of the skills and knowledge of Queensland trainees and apprentices;
  4. Methodology to share outcomes across the industry and across Queensland;
  5. Demonstrated interpersonal and communication skills applicable to criteria 4;
  6. Value for money;
  7. Employer support.